– A little piece of me –

Emilie Garcin

I usually say it is less what I see than what I feel which I shoot. The people, or even details around me, are an inspiration that awaken my imagination a great deal, either in the context of daily life or special events. Because of this, I never get tired of taking pictures, since every moment spent in your company will look like no other.

The way photography has enabled me to forge ties and create solid interpersonal relationships with the people I meet fascinates me. Nothing will make me happier than getting feedbacks from people who enjoy the way they look on my pictures, especially if they felt insecure at the beginning and were not used to posing. In the end, beauty lies in every one of us, and as Photographer, it is my goal to highlight that beauty through my pictures and reveal it to you.

Being in charge of your memories will be a true honor, and I will ensure that I am worthy of the special trust you put in me. As I’ve gained a great deal of experience throughout the years as Photographer and I’ve got the right equipment for various settings and situations, I will know how to conform to your expectations.

In addition to this…

My main inspirations, as far as photography is concerned, are nature, music (one of my biggest passions as well) and daily-life situations. I am a big lover of animals (most of all, cats… and dogs!). I’m naturally curious and I have a big interest for languages and foreign cultures: I love travelling, and I have many foreign friends. It is crucial to me that every person has the freedom to do what they want, and I’m against any form of intolerance of judgment towards the others.

Lastly, I believe one is never done learning, and the will I have to continually evolve deepens my passion for photography day after day.

Please feel free to get in touch if you are willing to put your trust in me. Together we will discuss your project so that we can head the same way and get pictures that look like you.

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