Wedding photographer

Your story

I grant much importance to every wedding I shoot. You are one of a kind… Your story is like no other, and I find it very important to get involved in what I do.
As Photographer, I’ll create an authentic reportage for your day. I will tell the story as it happens before my eyes, as I see it, and as you experience it. Nothing will escape my eye. I will discreetly mingle with the crowd and catch the spontaneity of every moment without you noticing, in order to provide natural and spontaneous shots.
My goal? To offer you the chance to experience your day over and over through my pics, even years after.

A moment of sharing

I feel attached to what is true. I like genuine emotions, the ones that come naturally. I enjoy watching people laugh, smile, cry, hug and kiss… I’ll capture all the little moments you might not even be aware of. I’ll be discreet, but still present to guide you every step of the way.

A photograph is more than just pushing a button: it is a reflection of you, your love and complicity, but also the trust you’ll put in me.

A wedding is a variety of emotions in their purest form, in their natural state. It’s the reason why I love my job so much: it is focused on the human being.

Life pieces

I will guide you

I am aware that a wedding is a day of joy, as it may also be somewhat stressful for you: this is why we will plan everything ahead, so that you’re completely carefree on the very day.

Most of all, a photo session must be pleasant for all of us: it’s a teamwork, and we need to get to know one another beforehand. This way, I’ll take pictures which fully reflect who you are.

Now tell me: what are your expectations, what are your doubts? Share with me everything you’ll deem important. Thanks to my experience as wedding Photographer, I can advise you on many points.

Unique memories

The engagement photoshoot

This session, which takes place before the wedding, has many purposes: first of all, it allows us to develop a real couple / photographer relationship. You’ll get to see how I work, how I can guide you and talk to you. As for me, I’ll be able to adapt to your behaviour and reactions.

It is important to establish trust. The photos will reflect this trust, as the engagement photoshoot will deepen our relationship.

It is also a unique, but also symbolic opportunity for you to have pictures of you both before the big day. For that purpose, I will put you at ease and give you confidence, so that you can reunite during this privileged moment and, most of all, make the best of it.

You and only you

Get tempted

Enjoy a unique experience

By trusting me, you will enjoy photographic moments that belong to you exclusively. You will choose to relive this adventure indefinitely through an emotional report, designed for you.

I will be present to guide you and put you at ease. I will find the right words to recall memories, make you smile, sometimes even make you cry (with joy!). Our pictures will be a reflection of this mutual trust and you will appreciate the result even more. My prices start at 1.400 euros.

So don’t wait any longer: together we will create memories you won’t ever forget…

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